“…small, chic, perched at the fashionable outrageous angle.”

I was thinking veil until recently.  I think I have to admit, though, that Me and A Veil probably won’t harmoniously coexist.  Me and A Fanciful Headpiece would probably be much happier together.

For awhile, I thought that Fanciful Headpiece would have to come from Jennifer Behr (wedding magazine pages bombarded with her) and would necessitate a price tag equivalent to airfare to exotic wedding locale…..but today I saw a piece in Style Me Pretty on the charming Twigs and Honey line by designer Myra Callan.  Firstly, the title is my cup of tea.  Nextly, hello, affordable!  Finally, beautiful and luxe pieces, with a generous heaping of whimsical.  Here are some of my favorites:

Flourish Double Feather Flower:

A feathery, floraly chignon

Feather flower with veiling accents:

Maaaaybe if I wanted to be "traditional"

Rhinestone adorned silk chiffon headband:

Loverly sparkles

Bridal mini hat with sparkle:

Who says Ascot has to be in England?

Vintage inspired feather and rhinestone headband:

Pretty blush


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